Audit Committee

Bill Maggs, MAAP, Chairman
John R. Washbish, MAAP, Vice Chairman
Wendy Earp, CPA
Robert F. Egan, MAAP
Nathan Perrine, CFO

Contributions Committee

John Washbish, MAAP, Chairman
Doug Arnold
Dick Beirne, MAAP
Jim Buzzard, AAP
Bill Hanvey, MAAP
Bill Maggs, MAAP
Paul McCarthy
Robert F. Egan, MAAP
Roger McCollum, MAAP
Chris Pruitt
Robert M. Segal, MAAP

Scholarship Committee

Danielle Sonnefeld, AAP, Chairman
Pete Kornafel, MAAP, Past Chairman
Eric Sills, AAP, Vice Chairman
Robert F. Egan, MAAP
Chris Garner/Duncan Gillis
Dave McColley
Larry Northup, AAP
Chuck Udell, MAAP

Grant Review and Education Committee

Roger McCollum, MAAP, Chairman
Robert F. Egan, MAAP
Bill Maggs, MAAP
Larry Pavey, AAP
John R. Washbish, MAAP

Marketing and Advertising Committee

Larry Pavey, AAP, Chairman
William Babcox, AAP
Jeff Darby
Mark Drennan
Stephen Gannon
Chris Gardner, MAAP
Philip Halberg
Robert Roos
Tom Tecklenburg

The Audit Committee’s primary function is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to 1) the audit of the organization’s books and records; and 2) the system of internal controls that the organization has established.

The Contributions Committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to increase funding for the Foundation.  This includes developing and identifying new donors, maximizing donations, and direction and guidance in creating new strategies for donor support.  The committee is charged with providing input and direction designed to maximize funding available to allow the Foundation to execute the goal of supporting aftermarket education initiatives.

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for direction and guidance in reviewing and awarding scholarships. The committee will provide input to the Marketing Committee regarding the promotion of the availability of scholarships, offer suggestions to the Contributions Committee on possible fundraising targets, and share ideas on new techniques, processes, or initiatives that will provide improved opportunities for applicants.

The Grant Review and Education Committee is charged with reviewing all grant request applications and providing input and direction to the Board of Trustees. In addition, the committee will provide suggestions on how the Foundation can maximize effectiveness of support for aftermarket educational initiatives.

The Marketing and Advertising Committee is responsible for direction and guidance in promoting and marketing the goals and accomplishments of the Foundation.  This includes providing input and ideas for advertising, public relations, social media and overall communications.  The committee is charged with providing input and suggestions to assist the Foundation in maximizing overall effectiveness through the use of marketing and communication processes and techniques.

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